Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Which only shows to go that I am not hesitant in stooping for a pun.......

Today, in my Ahab-like quest to find another reference to a professional football team called the Condors (besides in the latest episode of 'Monk'), I went to Netflix and watched "Death Is A Seven Point Favorite", an episode of 'McMillan & Wife'. (Great episode title, by the way!)

Came up empty there, but I did formulate a theoretical link.......

The two teams mentioned in the episode were the hometown Hawks and the visiting Drillers. As for the Drillers, their name is reminiscent of the real world Oilers and Steelers, in that it suggests the main industry of the area in which they're based. So I'm thinking that the Drillers team, like the Cowboys and the Texans and the former Oilers, is from Texas, or maybe - even better, just to spread the wealth around - from Oklahoma. (Although I might have gone with the Panhandlers, but that's just me.)
But as for the Hawks, that's where we go all theoretical with the what-iffery. The Hawks were the hometown team of San Francisco, where Stuart McMillan is the Police Commissioner. But in "Mr. Monk Makes The Playoffs", the latest episode of 'Monk' (which is also set in Frisco), the home team is the Condors.

If my quest to find some other show with the Condors as a pro football team eventually comes to a dead end, I'm thinking we still have to account for the amount of football teams in the City by the Bay. Besides the Hawks and the Condors, there's also the 49ers. They're the real world team, but there would be shows that cite them as being part of Toobworld as well.

So I'm thinking that in Toobworld history, the Hawks became the Condors. Why the name change? Let's say the team moved away - like the aforementioned Oilers from Houston. They went to Tennessee and became the Titans. Eventually Houston got another team, which were named the Texans.
So with the case of the Hawks, having them move away in Toobworld's un-broadcast past and then gaining a new name would give a reason for them to be called the Condors when they came back to San Francisco: just to mark the new era. And should I eventually find the elusive Condors in some other TV show, I could say that, like the Titans, the new name signified the Hawks' new home and new identity.

That's my splainin, and I'm sticking to it.... until something better comes along.

Toby O'B

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