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The ad starring Alec Baldwin's televersion (revealed to be an alien) was my personal favorite of the Super Bowl blipverts, but several others still proved themselves worthy to be part of Toobworld.

The narrator, still with a Scottish burr himself, told of how his grandfather came to America in 1933 (although it looked like turn of the century America) and finally found his calling as a Clydesdale working for Budweiser.
The Toobworld Take: Apparently Mr. Ed wasn't the only Houyhnhm to have escaped from their island homeland. One of Jake the Clydesdale's ancestors must have gone the long way around, perhaps in company with Lemuel Gulliver, to arrive back in the British Isles. Eventually the family made its way to Scotland before emigrating to America.

After suggesting that the company could save money by not offering Bud Light at the meetings, a young executive is tossed out of the office window.
The Toobworld Take: This was the best example of "quantoon physics", which usually only appears in TV commercials anyway. Quantoon physics is the ability of live-action humans to carry out feats normally only possible in the Tooniverse.

A guy at a ski resort shows that he has the capability to draw pictures right onto reality and thus affect real life situations.
The Toobworld Take: There have always been such characters in Toobworld who could create things out of whole cloth, either with art or word-play (like Keenan Wynn's character of Gregory West on 'The Twilight Zone'). All of these characters are descended from Zeus's illegitimate son Evander, as seen on one of the last - if not the actual finale - of 'Hercules: The Legendary Journeys'. Evander had the same power, which would culminate at its deadliest with Anthony Fremont in 'The Twilight Zone'.

Everybody is literally turning into their texting avatars, but shared Cokes can bring your humanity back when you actually converse face to face.
The Toobworld Take: Everything about computers is coming alive in TV commercials from Netflix movies to password phishers. This could be part of the plot by the Jon Lumic of the main Toobworld. (from 'Doctor Who')

While the boss has the huge, ornate office with the moose-head over his head, on the other side of the wall, some poor office space grunt has the rest of the moose - with the butt hanging over his head.
The Toobworld Take: That wall ornament is an antique. It's been around since the 1950s, and was seen by a fellow named Eugene, played by Ernie Kovacs - the greatest tele-visionary ever.

Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head go for a drive in the mountains, and thanks to the grip-stop action of the tires, they avoid hitting a herd of sheep. However, they stopped so fast that the lips of the nagging shrew of a virago pop off and tumble down the mountainside.
The Toobworld Take: Whatever odd little TV dimension there is for 'Robot Chicken', that's where you'll find these spuds.

Instead of owning dogs, some people have crazy pets - like ostriches, razorback boars, and as we see here, Rusty the Rhino.
The Toobworld Take: Just the type of thing that could actually happen on Earth Prime-Time. Elly Mae Clampett would feel right at home among these people. I wouldn't be surprised if they old lady with the ostrich lived just around the corner from the 'Desperate Housewives' on Wisteria Lane in Fairview.

The super-powered mutants of the NBC show get to play football against some of the legends of the NFL, like a super-powered John Elway.
The Toobworld Take: The show is off in another TV dimension, ever since they created a new timeline with Future Hiro's visit to the Past. So they are of no real concern anymore here at Toobworld Central. But I would say this might be a "Longest Yard" type of micro-story which could be taking place after all of the "heroes" have been rounded up by "The Hunter"....

This had to be the most bizarre spot of the bunch: a continuing, repetitive escalation of signs that you need to change jobs.
The Toobworld Take: Since it was only an imaginary depiction, we don't have to worry too much about the talking koala bear. But since somebody was imagining it, it's possible that either all koala bears can speak English, or the Qantas spokesbear's abilities are more than just serlinguistic; all of Toobworld must know that he can talk.

Also, I think the woman screaming in the car could be working at the same company where the corporate tool got tossed out of the window in the Bud Light ad.

Toby O'B

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