Monday, February 2, 2009


A few days ago I posted a list of crossovers I'd like to see, one of them being a match-up between 'Psych' and 'The Mentalist'.

At least twice so far, 'The Mentalist' has teased that it's similar to 'Psych' by having pineapple references - an air freshener in a killer's truck, a pineapple pizza delivered to the CBI offices.

But those were merely in-jokes that needed no splainin; 'Psych' has now upped the ante with a full-out Zonk.

In this past weekend's episode, Shawn told Gus that he would smooth over his latest altercation with his Dad by hanging out with him and watch a couple of episodes of 'The Mentalist'.

Not a big problem in overcoming that. It's certainly easier than trying to fix that 'Gossip Girl'/'Gilmore Girls' Zonk from the other day.

All that Shawn said was that the show's name was 'The Mentalist'. He never said anything about Patrick Jane or the CBI or even Red John. So 'The Mentalist' could refer to any type of TV show. More than likely, it's a magic show on the order of those Criss Angel specials, something with a Uri-Geller type of performer. Or the Amazing Kreskin.

To keep it totally Toobworld, maybe 'The Mentalist' stars the Amazing Yappi from 'The X-Files'.

Of course, the life story of Patrick Jane would make for interesting television, at least for a TV movie......

Toby O'B

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