Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Actor Clint Ritchie has passed away at the age of 70 after an operation to implant a pacemaker.

He was best known for two decades in Llanview, Pennsylvania, as Clint Buchanan on 'One Life To Live'. He was part of the powerful Texan family of Buchanans (with father Asa and brother Bo) who moved into Llanview and made their mark in controlling various strata in town. (Clint became the newspaper editor/publisher, Bo became the chief of police, and Asa had his fingers in most of the financial activities.)

This is one case where we can't claim that the character died with the actor, as Clint Buchanan continued on 'OLTL' with two other actors assaying the role after his departure. However, as Clint Ritchie was the original Clint Buchanan, we could always claim that he had been abducted and replaced - like many soap opera characters - by quantum leapers from the future. And it could be that the original Clint Buchanan did pass away in the future.

For me, I also remember him as Messmore Garrett in a few episodes of 'Centennial'. Recently I purchased this 1970s mini-series and will be watching it again when I go on vacation up at the Lake.

As Red Skelton would say, "Good night and may God bless....."

Toby O'B

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Mercurie said...

Sad to think he's gone. I remember his from guest appearances from shows like The Wild Wild West and from Centennial. I think if he had been born in an earlier era, he could have been a Western star like John Wayne or Randolph Scott!