Sunday, February 1, 2009


Timed for the Super Bowl, both 'Monk' and 'Psych' had football themed episodes this past Friday. Adrian Monk had to solve a murder in the parking lot outside Summmit Stadium during a playoff game between the Condors and the Wildcats; while Shawn and Gus looked into the death of a place-kicker from the Los Angeles Thunderbirds.

And both of them featured major characters wearing the Numbers from 'Lost'! On 'Monk', Captain Leland Stottlemeyer wore a #8 Condors jersey, which was the number for a player named Blaylock. Here he's seen with Monk and special guest star Bob Costas (TV Crossover Hall of Fame, 2002) who added a goofy dimension to the life of his tele-version: he seriously believed a calico kitten was trying to kill him. And here's young Shawn Spencer, circa 1987, wearing #15 on 'Psych'.

Number 15 belonged to Shawn's football hero, Sammy Winslow, who would be coaching the T-Birds when Shawn grew up. (It's a theory of relateeveety that Sammy Winslow may have been related to Carl Winslow and family on 'Family Matters'. But we're not going to push it.....)

Thanks to young Shawn's insights, Winslow was able to change his "tells" and eliminate the number of pick-offs he threw the rest of that season.

And in thanks, he gave Shawn the game ball from that day.
Toby O'B

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