Saturday, February 7, 2009


While watching "Death Is A Seven Point Favorite" earlier this week, one of the Numbers from 'Lost' popped up.

Near the very end of the episode, Sandy King signed off from his telecast on KXRZ, which was Channel 16. That was also the same channel for KXPN in Phoenix, Arizona, as seen on 'Medium' this past week. So "16" not only got two similar work-outs off the Island, but its influence was seen more than thirty years ago as well.

TV columnist and critic David Bianculli pointed out in his online site "TV Worth Watching" (link to the left) that a mistake had been made with the graphic seen on a news broadcast within that episode of 'Medium'. As you can see here, "renowned" was mis-spelled as "renown". Somewhere along the line of production, that mistake was not caught.

Looking at it from within the "reality" of Toobworld, it's acceptable - but as a mistake. When CNN had those crawls along the bottom of the screen (until about a month or so ago), they would often be filled with spelling errors. Look how many times our President's name would show up onscreen as "Osama" rather than "Obama" in the earlier part of his campaign. Toobworld Central would take the position that such a technical error happened here at KXPN while putting together this news report on the death of Nathan Cafferty.

But at the same time, it should have then been mentioned within the script so that the viewers at home would know it was supposed to be a mistake as seen on TV. So since that didn't happen, we can't give the production team on this episode a pass. Even though it exists as a mistake that happened in Toobworld, it never should have been seen by the audience.

Oh..... We're also going to make the claim that based on the call letters for both stations, some Toobworld media mogul like Rupert Murdoch or Sumner Redstone owns both KXRZ and KXPN. Nothing to make a big deal out of, crossover-wise, but it's always nice to fill in the blanks....

Toby O'B

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