Sunday, February 8, 2009


We began our look at the historical figures of the American Revolution (as seen in the Tooniverse on 'Liberty's Kids') with an Adams, and we end with one as well. Not Abigail's husband John, he's been seen twice already in this feature and it's just the beginning of February!

Instead, it's his cousin Samuel, perhaps more recognizable today for giving his name to a brewery and its beer. (It was his father who was the true brewer.)
In 1774 the Massachusetts legislature sent Adams and four others as its representatives to the First Continental Congress. Adams served Massachusetts again at the Second Continental Congress where he was an advocate for independence and confederation for the American Colonies.

Adams served at the Continental Congress until his return to Boston in 1781. He initially opposed the new Constitution of the United States, but finally supported its ratification in Massachusetts. Adams served as Governor of Massachusetts from 1793 to 1797.

Tomorrow we're back in the live action TV Universe!

Toby O'B

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