Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I'm wondering if 'Law & Order' will be ripping from the headlines to do a story that's loosely based on the crash of the USAir flight into the Hudson. Because of all the media coverage and fighting over who got the first interview, I'd have the crash be part of the background; the real story would kick off when somebody gets murdered while trying to nail down the rights to the first interview.

One show that should have a plot about USAir crash should be 'Eureka', the show set in Eureka, Oregon, a top secret town full of super intelligent geniuses with high government clearance.

They had a sub-plot two seasons ago about Taggart's android geese..... I think 'Eureka' could tweak the original news story to be about another flight which was downed intentionally by nefarious parties unknown. And because an android goose was used to do the dirty deed, Taggart would be the obvious suspect.

I think Matt Frewer as Taggart and the series have parted company, but this might be a good way to bring him back for the special guest spot in one episode.

Just throwin' the ideas out there, free of charge!

Toby O'B

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