Wednesday, December 9, 2009


CBS recently had a trifecta with its week-long crossover of its 'CSI' series, and the characters from the 'NCIS' mothership have been crossing over into the next hour's Los Angeles spin-off. Before the season is over, 'Lie To Me' and 'Bones' will also be crossing over.

But for all the O'Bvious ones, there are other crossover opportunities which slip away. For this Deep Six, here are a few ideas I had that probably never could have happened due to the rights to the characters. But so what? This is Toobworld, Television sans frontieres!

1] 'Extras' & 'The Larry Sanders Show'
Andy Millman tries to establish himself in America and only succeeds in embarrassing himself further.

2] 'The Adventures Of Brisco County, Jr.' in 'The Wild, Wild West'
I still contend that a guest appearance by Robert Conrad as James West for the finale could have gained the series a second season.

3] 'Criminal Minds' and 'Close To Home'
CBS really missed the ball on this one. The BAU is always flying in to suburban crime scenes and the setting for 'Close To Home' would have been a natural as they worked with the local justice system.

4] 'Chuck' vs. 'Jake 2.0'
Theoretically, this could still happen. Christopher Gorham could appear in an episode without ever actually saying that he's Jake Foley. It would be like one of those classic Marvel Team-Ups: the two heroes battle each other at first under mistaken circumstances and then work together to defeat the real enemy.

5] 'Torchwood' teams up with 'The X-Files' or 'Special Unit 2'
Similarly to #4, Gillian Anderson is already over there in Great Britain, she could make a guest appearance as Dana Scully. However, she's rumored to be the Rani in the new adventures of the Eleventh Doctor and having her also appear as Scully might muddy the waters. (And to be realistic - not that I've ever been hampered by that! - nobody's going to waste the effort to revive 'Special Unit 2' for this.)

But here's a thought I'll bring up again - Torchwood is going to need new team members. Why not also bring in a different perspective by adding demon fighter John 'Strange', as played by Richard Coyle?

6] 'The Librarian' visits 'Warehouse 13'
Not likely to happen since they are for different properties, but it would be nice to establish a rivalry between the two groups in securing some of these mystical items....


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