Monday, December 7, 2009


'Flash-Forward' has now gone on hiatus until March, and when it returns, it'll probably play out its storyline before leaving the airwaves forever.

I've been enjoying the series, although it never had the must-see right away quality of the show it was most compared to - 'Lost'. Still, I'm invested in what happens to the Benford family and their friends and co-workers, and in finding out the secret behind the massive blackout.

However, I'm also not keen on solving any Zonks that might pop up in the series because it has no bearing on the main Toobworld. From the very first episode we knew this was an alternate dimension, because one of the planes that crashed was Air Force Two carrying the Vice President. Had this been Earth Prime-Time, that would have meant that Joe Biden was now dead because he's the Veep for both Toobworld and the real world.
So when Demetri Noh blathered on about an established TV character and the actor who played him, I didn't go diving for my notebook to write down the details - because Dem and that other TV character weren't sharing the same dimension. (I wish now I had jotted down the information though - at least then I'd have remembered the character's name!)

In a later episode we learned the Toobworld/F-F Vice President's name, although bleeped if I could remember it now. But we also got to meet the POTUS, and it's not Barack Obama - his name is David Segovia (played by the great Peter Coyote). And we also met the future Vice President, Senator Joyce Clemente played by Barbara Williams. So Earth Prime-Time/F-F doesn't have to be held to the same rules as those that govern the maintenance of Earth Prime-Time, the main Toobworld. And that's why I don't have any problem with the characters of a TV show were watching a TV production of 'A Christmas Carol' in this last episode before the hiatus. Instead of showing us Reginald Owens or Alistair Sim or Albert Finney (or even Jim Carrey if ABC really wanted to push the Disney synergy!), the "Christmas Carol" clips were of Sir Michael Hordern as Ebenezer Scrooge and John LeMesurier as Jacob Marley. This was from a cheaply produced, poorly received 1977 version from Britain. In this at least, Toobworld/F-F and the real world have something in common: this version of "A Christmas Carol" was made for TV. Although why it was considered good enough to be shown twice in Hong Kong, I have no idea....


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