Saturday, December 12, 2009


Recently, legendary (and cantankerous) author Harlan Ellison expressed an interest in working with JJ Abrams on the next 'Star Trek' movie - even after his 40 year battles with Gene Roddenberry and Paramount over his last collaboration with them on 'Trek':

"I would jump at the chance to work with the inordinately-talented J.J. Abrams on a new STAR TREK film. Yes, I would likely try to steer him toward the original film idea I was asked to pitch, by the late Gene Roddenberry and a production exec whose name I have blissfully flensed from memory (but he had been, if I recall, a hairdresser or clothing designer or ex-boyfriend of someone or other, and he kept trying to press me to include the Mayan Calendar).

If the very smart Abrams didn’t want to go that way, I would be wide-open to rethinking such a film from the git-go."

Before he made that announcement, a friend of mine noted:

No Guardian in 'Star Trek' -- in other words, Harlan Ellison said, "$Give$ $me$ $money$!" and the producers said, "Frell that, we'll just make our own time travel device with blackjack and hookers. In fact, forget time travel."

Gotta love dem 'Futurama' references.....


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Brian Leonard said...

If Abrams accepts, I wish him LOTS of luck...