Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I'm cleaning out my email box of all the notes for blog posts I never completed. And I found this account of a dream I had. I have no memory of it now:

Woman called me looking for Cordell Walker - or at least wondering if Walker was the same man she had a fling with.

Her description did not fit Walker, who was a friend of mine and an author. I had a book by him wit his name in big letters on the cover.

her description included the fact that he had a military family background.

I told Walker - who looked like Tom Selleck, but he had no clue.

The corner of my bed on the floor was covered with grey hair balls.

I slept in the basement, it looked like family house on Highland avenue.

i realized that this woman might come looking for me to shut me up if i knew too much.

I was lying in bed with a beautiful woman, who was fully clothed, and we did not have sex. she was with me while I talked to woman n phone, yet still could have been that woman somehow.

I feared that she may kill me when I tried to cross the street.

She ordered me not to say anything to anybody about the call.

The most disturbing thing about the dream is that I would dream about a Chuck Norris character.....


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