Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Bret Michaels might not have been seen during "Jailhouse Z Rock", but he still serves as the link between 'Z Rock' and two other sitcoms, 'Yes, Dear' and 'The Chris Isaak Show'.

ZO2 were supposed to open for Bret Michaels in upstate New York in the Chappaqua area, but because of the "crime spree" of their friend Neil Latham, they missed the first show because they were locked up in the local jail. As for the second show, the band got there late because they were performing at a birthday party... for a dog.

The Poison lead rocker also appeared as himself in the following episodes:

"The Chris Isaak Show"
- The Family of Man (2004)
- Hell Is Other People (2002)
- Fantasia (2001)

"Yes, Dear"
- Greg's Big Day (2000)

Actually, he can also link two "reali-TV" shows which would more than likely be mentioned in any future appearances by Bret Michaels in shows where he played himself. One would be his dating series 'Rock Of Love', and the other would be the recent Tony Awards telecast. You gotta know that his conk on the noggin by the scenery, which left him injured, is going to be a source of humor in any future appearances.


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