Thursday, July 2, 2009


On 'Harper's Island' two episodes ago, Shane Pierce was clutching a bottle of Robert MacLachlan whiskey for comfort while they were under siege in the Cannery.

In the real world, that whiskey doesn't exist. But that's where we do find the source of the name: Robert MacLachlan is the show's cinematographer. I mentioned this to David Bianculli, TV critic & columnist who has the blog "TV Worth Watching" (link to the left, Little Dudes). And I got spanked for it!

"The only thing that's NOT impressive about your detective work uncovering this particular Extra, Toby, is what the hell are you doing watching Harper's Island? -- David B."

Ah, well. It's my guilty pleasure of the summer......


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Andy said...

I don't blame you. I thought the show would suck, but I have enjoyed it. When they showed pictures of Callum Keith Rennie as Wakefield, I had to keep watching. He's one of my favorite Canadian actors.