Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Here's Wylie Draper as Michael Jackson in "The Jacksons: An American Dream". Draper passed away a year after making this tele-flick; I'm not sure if that counts as irony or not.

I don't know who's playing Bubbles the Chimp or the lion. I speculated the other day on Facebook that the death of Michael Jackson would spell the end of Edward Moss' career as a Jackson impersonator, in much the same way Vaughn Meader's career plummetted after the assassination of JFK. The references to MJ have already been cut out of the movie "Bruno"; would audiences still be accepting of Michael Jackson spoofs as they were when Moss played him in "Scary Movie 4"?

But he could get one last shot at glory if somebody ever does a TV movie about Michael Jackson's final days. You have to admit that it's turning into a spectacle ripe for dramatization......

Just sayin', is all..... BCnU!

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