Monday, June 29, 2009


It's Monday.

For me, it's the middle of the work week, but I feel your pain. I know it's a downer after your weekend to go back to the office. The Fourth of July is on Saturday and yet it feels so far away.

So that's why today's "As Seen On TV" feature is a showcase for the Toobworld version of Three Stooges: to lift the spirits and anticipate some explosive fun this coming weekend.
Ah, who am I kidding? I just love the Stooges! We used to watch an hour of Stooges everyday in T-House when I was at UConn, just before dinner. How our dining room survived a bunch of guys hopped up on Stooges antics, I don't know.....

A publicity shot that never happened in Toobworld.
See "Hold That Lion" for the only Columbia short
in which all four of these Stooges appeared together.
"The Three Stooges"

Paul Ben-Victor ... Moe Howard
Evan Handler ... Larry Fine
John Kassir ... Shemp Howard
Michael Chiklis ... Jerome 'Curly' Howard These are some of the other members of the cast from this 2000 TV movie. Stooges fans should recognize the names on the right more than those on the left:

Marton Csokas ... Ted Healy
Linal Haft ... Harry Cohn
Lewis Fitz-Gerald ... Jules White
Peter Callan ... Joe DeRita
Laurence Coy ... Joe Besser
David Baldwin ... Louis B. Mayer
Len Kaserman ... Jack L. Warner
Geoff Bartlett ... Del Lord
Gary Baxter ... Felix Adler
Gunther Berghofer ... Clyde Bruckman

(That last name should also be recognizable to fans of 'The X-Files'. Peter Boyle won an Emmy for playing a man with the same name in "The Last Repose Of Clyde Bruckman".)

There are three other real life figures I would have liked to have seen listed:

Bud Jamison

Vernon Dent

and, of course,
Emil Sitka!

Who knows? I never saw the tele-flick, but maybe they were portrayed with no credit given......
Woowoowoowoo BCnU!

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