Sunday, June 28, 2009


As June blends into July (hopefully with a blaze of glory after about 20 days of rain!), I couldn't think of a better Toobworld location to induct into the TV Crossover Hall Of Fame than Mayberry, North Carolina. If anyplace in the TV Universe better epitomizes the lazy, hazy, and yes, crazy days of Summer than Andy Taylor's hometown, I've yet to see it on TV. Mayberry is the type of place you can just sit back and relax on the front porch, with some lemonade, and watch the world go by at your own pace. Mayberry of course was the setting for 'The Andy Griffith Show'. And when the Taylors moved away (save for Aunt Bea), it was the town itself that took center stage in the sequel. Well, okay, that would have been Sam Jones, but the title of the show was 'Mayberry, RFD'.
And 'Gomer Pyle, USMC' would often mention his hometown while he was stationed at that California Marine base. And he wasn't the only one to speak of it outside its North Carolina environs. On 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer', Mr. Trick said of her hometown of Sunnydale that its death rate "makes D.C. look like Mayberry." In an episode of 'The Dead Zone', Dana Bright got ticked off at Johnny Smith because he "had to go and piss off Mayberry." I'm not sure what small town was being compared to Opie's hometown, but it probably was just as quaint and easy-going as Mayberry - until an angry mob got riled up!

How do outsiders know about Mayberry? More than likely through a combination of events - a documentary about the town, perhaps. Maybe from that movie that was filmed there. Perhaps a horrible still explosion made the news. Could Opie have written a best-selling novel about it? It could be for any number of reasons. I like the idea that it was the architecture and layout of the town that made it famous. Whoever was the City Planner who designed the area, they then copied the form for several locations near the great city of Metropolis, as seen in episodes of 'The Adventures of Superman'. In fact, I think aliens liked the layout as well and recreated Mayberry on an alien planet - as seen in the "Miri" episode of 'Star Trek'! Mayberry was finally the center of attention once again with a TV reunion movie in which Andy came back home and once again became sheriff, with Barney Fife returning as well. The former deputy had been hoping to get the job of sheriff, but settled for working by Andy's side once again. (And Opie was the editor of the town paper.) We even caught a glimpse of the old fishing hole last Fall, when Opie and his Dad fished while they talked about the candidacy of Barack Obama! So here's to the town of Mayberry, not too far from Mt. Pilot in North Carolina. But in the hearts of many around the world....


Thanks to "The Adventure Continues" for the comparison pictures of Mayberry and Metropolis.

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