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Over here in America, Mollie Sugden may not be remembered by name by the general public, but they will always remember her character of Mrs. Slocombe from 'Are You Being Served?' With hair in colors that shouldn't exist except on the planet Arcturus, and with a pussy that kept her preoccupied most of the day, Mrs. Slocombe will live on in TV Heaven. Even as Mollie Sugden has joined her former co-star Wendy Richard... one step beyond.

But over in the United Kingdom, Mollie Sugden left an impressive body of work with roles on such famous shows and mini-series as 'The Bill', 'Coronation Street', 'Z Cars', 'Up Pompeii', 'The Six Wives Of Henry VIII', and 'Steptoe And Son'. She had starring roles in other Britcoms like 'The Liver Birds', 'Come Back, Mrs. Noah', and 'Hugh And I'. But it will always be Mrs. Slocombe who will come to mind first when we think of Mollie Sugden, who passed away the other day at the age of 86. Because of their participation in 'Are You Being Served?', movie and series, and in the sequel 'Grace And Favour', the employees of Grace Brothers will one day be inducted into the TV Crossover Hall of Fame, probably en masse. This will probably happen just as soon as... I'm free.....

Ms. Sugden, good night, and may God bless.

Here are the roles she contributed to the Tele-Folks Directory: "The Bill" .... Lally (2003)

"Revolver" (2001) .... Mother

"The Liver Birds" (1976 - 1996) .... Mrs. Thelma Hutchinson

"Dennis the Menace" .... Vilhemina Slop Bucket (1996)

"Romuald the Reindeer" (1996)

"Just William" .... Great Aunt Florence (1995)

"Oliver's Travels" (1995) .... Mrs. Robson

"Grace & Favour" (1992-1993).... Mrs. Betty Slocombe

"Cluedo" (1991) .... Mrs. White

"My Husband and I" (1987-1988) .... Nora Powers

"That's My Boy" .... Ida Willis (1981-1986)

"Are You Being Served?" .... Mrs. Betty Slocombe (1972-1985)

"Tickle on the Tum" (1984) TV series .... Bessie Bagwash

The Talking Parcel (1978) (voice) .... Hortense, the Flying Train

"Come Back Mrs. Noah" .... Mrs. Noah (1977-1978)

Are You Being Served? - The Movie (1977) .... Mrs. Betty Slocombe

"Three Comedies of Marriage" .... Mother (1975)

Holiday with Strings (1974) .... Doris

"Love Thy Neighbour" .... Sister Martin (1974)

"Coronation Street" .... Nellie Harvey (1965-1974)

"Son of the Bride" .... Mum (1973)

"The Fenn Street Gang" .... Mrs. Greer (1972)

"My Wife Next Door" .... George's Mother (1972)

"A Class by Himself" .... Lesley Charles (1972)

"Emma" .... Mrs. Goddard (1972)

"Doctor in Charge" .... Mrs. Waring (1972)

"Six Days of Justice" .... Mrs. Dunne (1972)

"Steptoe and Son"
- Oh What a Beautiful Mourning (1972) .... Minnie
- And Afterwards at... (1965) .... Mother Of The Bride

"Mandog" (1972) .... Mrs. Morris

"Comedy Playhouse" .... Lady Wright (1972)

"Please Sir!" .... Alice Larch (1971)

"For the Love of Ada" .... Nellie Pollitt (1971)

"Doctor at Large" .... Mrs. Mollett (1971)

"The Goodies" .... Minister for Trade and Domestic Affairs (1970)

"Up Pompeii" .... Flavia (1970)

"The Six Wives of Henry VIII" .... Lotte (1970)

"Oh Brother!" - (1969) "Just Jimmy" .... Mum
- Harem Scarem! (1968)
- Chips with Nothing (1964)

"Jackanory" .... Storyteller
- The Unwelcome Guests: Welcome at Last (1968)
- The Unwelcome Guests: Lost and Found (1968)
- The Unwelcome Guests: The Golden Coin (1968)
- The Unwelcome Guests: The Beachcombers (1968)
- The Unwelcome Guests: The House on It's Own (1968)

"Z Cars" .... Vera (1967)

"Armchair Theatre" .... District nurse
- I Am Osango (1967)

"Hugh and I" (1962-1966) .... Mrs. Crispin

"First Night" .... Mrs. Phillips
- Maggie (1964)

"Benny Hill" .... Woman Tenant (1962)

"Suspense" .... Belle
- Killer in the Band (1962)


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Thanks for all the laughs Mollie. I will miss you.