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Here's an appearance by Dom DeLuise which can be interpreted in a couple of different ways......

"Mike Hammer"
- A Death in the Family (1984)
While fighting his way through a parking lot for city buses, Mike Hammer dove from the roof of a bus and through the window of another bus. When he got to his feet, he found Dom DeLuise sitting in the back of the bus with Burt Reynolds. Without missing a beat, the private eye jumped out the other side, and that was that for the two stars.

As far as I can tell, neither of the two stars were identified as themselves. So they could have been appearing as other characters whom they've played on television. And since 'Mike Hammer' took place in New York City, it would help if Reynolds and DeLuise had TV characters who were NY-based.


From the

'Hawk' (2966)
John Hawk was a full-blooded Iroquois employed as a special detective with the New York City District Attorney's office. With partner Dan Carter, Hawk was assigned to all sorts of different cases, ranging from murder to arson to organized crime. Because of his background, he occasionally dealt with racism inside and outside the department. (Written by Marty McKee)

'Lotsa Luck' (1973)
New York City bus company's lost-and-found department manager and bachelor Stanley Belmont lives with his bossy mother, his sister Olive and her unemployed husband Arthur all of who live off Stanley. Arthur is perfectly content to live with Stanley and avoid finding a job. Bummy is Stanley's long time friend and co-worker who drives a bus. They take lunch breaks together when they scheme to resolve Stanley's problems. (Written by J.E. McKillop)

I doubt there would be any confusion on the part of the tele-cognoscenti who frequent my blog, but Burt Reynolds played Detective Lt. Hawk and Dom DeLuise played Stanley Belmont.

So in November of 1984, when this episode of 'Mike Hammer' took place, it could be that Lt. Hawk had come to that parking lot for city buses in order to question Stanley about a case. In Toobworld, where Coincidence must have its own demi-god, it could be that it was the same case that Mike Hammer was working on!

Otherwise, if they were appearing as Reynolds and DeLuise, and they were in the back seat of a bus that wasn't in service..... Well, you have to wonder how close was their friendship?

Just sayin', is all......


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