Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Just before Jay Leno ended up in the hospital last week, he took a playful jab at Susan Boyle. She's the Scottish woman who has charmed the world via the Internet after her first appearance on 'Britain's Got Talent'. (I'm not going to bother linking it; you've probably all seen it by now anyway.)

So today's "As Seen On TV" showcase is from the sketch comedy TV dimension of Skitlandia: The story of Susan Boyle will no doubt show up fictionalized in several TV series next season. Not only does it have that "ripped from the headlines" quality that will appeal to 'Law & Order' and/or any of its spin-offs as a launching pad for a murder investigation, but it could veer off into any number of genres for exploitation.

Just imagine if 'The Drew Carey Show' was still in production. Here would be the perfect plotline for Mimi Bobeck! 'Boston Legal' could have represented such a woman in court, who only wanted her chance to prove herself.

It could also go off on a 'Supernatural' tangent, not just for that show but for 'Reaper', 'Fringe', 'Torchwood', 'Doctor Who' - maybe a fictionalized Susan Boyle could be an alien hell-bent on controlling Earth with her voice via viral video. (Gotta love dem alliterations, mon!)

Or she could be a cyborg sent from the future - if 'The Sarah Connor Chronicles' should ever come back. On a similar behind the scenes note, maybe 'Chuck' could flash on her while watching the video and discover another nefarious plot by The Ring. (Although today's pronouncement from NBC doesn't look good for what was one of the best series on TV these past two seasons......)

Anyhoo, this little jab by Jay Leno might be the first salvo in the Susan Boyle of Toobworld invasion.

And if she really does have supernatural powers, maybe she caused Leno to end up in the hospital!

Toby O'B

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