Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Nothing more enjoyable to waste away my morning than to wallow in YouTube with videos of favorite artists. Last week I spent a good portion of the morning watching Steely Dan videos, and before that, Bea Arthur classic moments.

Today, sadly, I looked around at the offerings under Dom DeLuise's name, for the same reason I was checking out Bea Arthur's collection.

Here are two short student films he made a few years back. First up, "Out Of Order", which comes pretty close to being a modern silent movie. In fact, I watched it at work where I have no access to speakers and I didn't miss what little dialogue there is in the piece. (Although it's always fun to hear those plaintive little squeals and sighs of exasperation of which DeLuise was a master.)

And then there's "The Healer", which they filmed on the quick after finishing "Out Of Order". It looks like it was mostly improv as well....


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