Saturday, May 9, 2009


I was looking through the Toobworld Central archives yesterday, and I came across the Shakespearean heading of "Skimble Skamble Stuff". I haven't used that in a while, but it would be for a collection of TV odds and ends.

And by the great god of TV Coincidence, I have a goodly sized mish-mash of them ready to go!

1] 'Harper's Island' is 17 miles off the coast of Seattle.

2] In 2002, John Wakefield killed six people on 'Harper's Island'.

3] Two wineries in the D.C. area - 'Bedford Creek' winery and Dunwood Winery. ('Bones')

4] The Dunwood winery had been in the Dunwood family since 1928. ('Bones')

5] 'Hope's Edge' is a soap opera. ('The Ghost Whisperer')

6] is a website that gives away info on upcoming movies and TV shows. ('The Ghost Whisperer')

7] Speckled Stallion had the 3rd longest set at Woodstock, after The Who. ('Law & Order: Criminal Intent')

8] "Dark Days" was the name of their album. ('Law & Order: Criminal Intent')

9] NYPD Detective Hank O'Shea worked the Malcolm X murder. ('The Unusuals')

10] 'Tempest Island' was a TV soap opera in which Dr. Phillip battled the Cassetti family.

11] An accountant named Cal at Ojai Foods used to be a minor league ball-player. By an amazing "coincidence", he has a twin brother who also plays minor league ball - Rafael Ramirez. ('In Plain Sight')

12) Richard Castle has had 26 best-selling mystery novels. ('Castle')

13) "Birth Of Fear 3" is a movie that is already overseas for foreign distribution. ('The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency')

14) There is a SavingsMart in Yonkers; it's much like WalMart, CostCo, Buy More, and Workbench. ('Law & Order')

15) More TV cereals - Berry Boom & Cocoa Munchees from 'Fringe'. And Nuts&More from 'In Plain Sight'. It was previously seen in 'Chuck' and 'Grey's Anatomy'. There was also a box of Nuts & Oats, but I can't remember from where.

16) Malcolm Ross is trying to market Sacred Turtle Beer. ('Harper's Island')

Finally, the following birthday's were listed on 'Harper's Island':

Trish Wellington - 11/22
Shea Allen - 2/20
Chloe Carter - 9/17/1983
Beth Barrington - 8/21
Lucy Daramour - 7/19/1982
Abby Mills- 4/25/1983
Francine Wellington - 2/11
Jennifer Stanwyck - 12/27
Keira Riddle - 8/2

That's all for now!


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