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(Jack) Kemp was a former football star turned congressman who moved the Republican Party to a commitment to tax cuts as the central focus of economic policy. He was 73 and was the Republican nominee for Vice President in 1996.

On February 13, 1988, Justine Bateman hosted 'Saturday Night Live' (with musical guest Terence Trent D'Arby). The opening sketch was of the Republican Presidential Candidates debate, and it was one of the best political sketches ever for that show, (mostly due to the surprise appearance by former cast member Dan Aykroyd as Senator Bob Dole).

One of the candidates was "Jack Kemp", as played by Phil Hartman. Here are two excerpts from that sketch:

Pat Schroeder (Nora Dunn): Let's turn to Jack Kemp. Jack, as much as anyone, you have been identified with supply-side economics. But as the supply-side caused these huge deficits, and since you're offering simply more of the same, how do you plan to balance the budget?

Jack Kemp: Well, the whole thing boils down to leadership, Pat. You know, when I played quarterback for the old Buffalo Bills, I gave 110%, and that inspired the guys around me to give 110% or better. The same thing applies to this budget - with the proper leadership, you can get that budget to give 150%! That means that you can spend 80% on the military, 40% on education, and still have 30% left over for rebuilding our infrastructure!

And this came near the end.....

Pat Schroeder: I'd like to ask one question and address it to each of you: you are all articulate and attracive candidates, but only one of you can win the Presidential nomination. Would you accept the second spot on the Republican ticket? Congressman Kemp?

Jack Kemp: Pat, absolutely not. I've been a quarterback, I have no interest in being the waterboy.


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