Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Last Friday morning, after I finished doing my laundry, I watched two of the shows I DVR'd the night before - 'Burn Notice' and 'Land Of The Giants'. Since I had gone to bed late and got up way too early, I was still pretty tired; and so I fell asleep while watching 'Land Of The Giants'.
And the dream that those two inspired, with the audio track from 'Giants' probably feeding the narrative? I dreamt that former spy Michael Westin of 'Burn Notice' was now trapped in the 'Land Of The Giants' himself. And just as we saw that show's original cast use the giant props to their advantage (safety pins as grappling hooks, for example), Michael did the same. Only this time, we heard his voiceover explanation as to how such ordinary items could be turned into lethal bombs and the like, just as he does on 'Burn Notice'.

(Doesn't that top picture of Fi and Michael look as though they're resting up against the outside wall of some giant's house?)
A friend of mine in Facebook thought maybe I had been dreaming of giant spies, and this picture fits that concept better - if Michael Westin was a native of that strange world. This was the angle at which we usually saw the giants.....
Toby O'B

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