Tuesday, March 3, 2009


"I have been soiling pure innocent maidens since the beginning of time.
I have sired many, many children on this Godforsaken planet,
hoping that each would finally be the one to bring about hell on Earth.
But no, they turn out to be duds,
every single one of them
The Devil

That revelation comes from the second season premiere of 'Reaper' airing tonight on the CW. And as Toobworld should (hopefully) be all-inclusive, that must mean that TV characters from other shows - throughout the Toobworld timeline! - could possibly be the spawn of Satan.

The first idea that popped into my head - because of the Devil's statement that he was doing this since the beginning of Time - was Boss, the head caveman played by Cliff Norton in the 1960's sitcom 'It's About Time'. He was sort of evil, but most definitely he fits the bill as a dud. (Boss is seen below with his henchman Clon.)
But that's just one pozz'bility. Instead of me rattling off a list of other TV characters who might be able to call the Devil "Daddy", I'd like to see your suggestions. Leave a comment below and let me know who might be the son or daughter of Satan. And remember, you have the whole history of Toobworld to choose from!

Toby O'B


Anonymous said...

How about Dr. Zachary Smith from 'Lost In Space'? He was kind of evil and a major dud at it as well.

Jaia said...

Definitely Jim Profit from "Profit"!

JimT said...

I know you just wrote about the parentage of Dr. Loveless, but don't you think he'd be a good candiate for a son of Satan?


Mercurie said...

I have to agree with Jaia. If anyone was the son of Satan, it would be Jim Profit! I think Angelique from Dark Shadows could also have been his daughter. And then, of course, there's Siegfried from Get Smart...