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Sydney Chaplin, the son of film legend Charlie Chaplin, has died at the age of 82. Although he made a few movies with his father, Sydney Chaplin earned notices on his own for his stage work on Broadway. He won the Tony Award for best featured actor in a musical in 1957 for "Bells Are Ringing", and he was nominated again for "Funny Girl" in 1964.

He's seen here on the right with his brother Charles and Charles' fiancee:

The New York Times obituary quotes Mr. Chaplin from a 1957 interview for the Daily News:

"I’m no genius. I don’t have Dad’s capacity for work. I just want to be a good actor.”

Sydney Chaplin may have been better known as Charlie's son and for his theatre work, but he also contributed to the citizenry of Toobworld:

"The Bionic Woman" .... Moreau
- The Dijon Caper (1977)

- Think Mink (1977)

- The Lady from Liechtenstein: Part 1 (1976) .... Lucarotti
- Before the Holocaust (1976) .... Adler

"Spencer's Pilots" .... Pike
- The Matchbook (1976)

"Police Woman" .... Massena
- Pawns of Power (1975)

"Bilko: Keep In Step" (1959) ..... Himself

"Kings Row" .... Tiger Hudson

- Carnival (1956)


Medical Story (1975) (TV) .... Dr. Harris
Paralleling the successful format of its sister show "Police Story", this pilot for the short-lived anthology series pits an idealistic intern against three established doctors over the question of whether a young actress should have a hysterectomy. Executive producer-writer Abby Mann was said to have based this story on the near-fatal experience of his wife, Harriet Karr, who plays the ailing actress.

With Beau Bridges, Jose Ferrer, Carl Reiner, Shirley Knight, Claude Akins, Wendell Burton, Harold Gould, Harriet Karr, and Sydney Chaplin

The Woman Hunter (1972) (TV) .... George
In this made-for-TV film, the rich Dina Hunter (Barbara Eden) believes that someone is out to kill her in order to steal her jewels. However, as she attempts to get help, Dina's fears are laughed off as being paranoid and unfounded.

Also with Robert Vaughn and Stuart Whitman

Wonderful Town (1958) (TV) .... Robert Baker
The story of Ruth and Eileen Sherwood, two sisters who arrive in New York's Greenwich Village from Columbus, Ohio, seeking fame and fortune: Ruth as a writer, and Eileen as an actress.

Based on the "My Sister Eileen" stories by Ruth McKenney.

Quoting another famous clown, Red Skelton: Good night, and may God bless.....

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