Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I think TV Squad gave me a bit of a shout-out in their review of the 'Chuck' episode "Chuck vs. the Beefcake":

Remember "Chuck Versus the Suburbs," when Andy Richter's corpse was dragged away in a body bag? Well, he wasn't resurrected on Fringe, like one commenter suggested. No, he's dead and his body included a belt that contained some top-secret data, most importantly, the identity of the Intersect, i.e. Chuck.

They were referring to this comment I left on that episode:

2-17-2009 @ 1:46PM
Toby O'B said...
What intrigued me was that his exposure to the Fulcrum program apparently killed Andy Richter's character. And yet as he was zipped up in that body bag, Casey ordered that his body be shipped to headquarters; that they weren't done with him yet.

Could it be they may be using some Massive Dynamic technology on him to extract the info from his head, even though he's dead?

I wonder if that wasn't meant as an in-joke tip of the hat to 'Fringe'?

I also wrote it up for Inner Toob as "On The Fringe With Chuck".......

I wasn't thinking in terms of resurrecting him; just that they were able to use Massive Dynamic technology to go into his brain and etract those memories from his dead brain. So it's pozz'ble, just pozz'ble, that they were successful in this and then finally buried Brad's body in that CIA dumping ground. (I'd like to think that place was just outside Las Vegas - all those bodies right under the noses of the vaunted Vegas CSI unit and they don't even know it!)

So we didn't see anything in "Chuck vs. The Beefcake" that negates that suggested link with 'Fringe'......

Toby O'B

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