Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Back in January, one of our first entrants in the "As Seen On TV" showcase was the Captain of the Lusitania, who was visited by a time traveler just before the ocean liner was torpedoed.

And now we have a similar situation from "The Chase", a First Doctor story in 'Doctor Who'.

While trying to evade the Daleks who were chasing them through Time, the Doctor and his Companions flitted to different points in Earth's history - from the Empire State Building in 1966, to Ghana in 1996. At one point, they landed on a ship in the Atlantic in 1872, but left before they could get too involved with the crew. However, the crew ended up facing the Daleks and were so panicked that they abandoned the ship by jumping overboard and taking the lifeboat. Even the Captain's wife and their 2 year old daughter plunged into the ocean to avoid the metallic monsters from outer space.
That doomed ship was the Mary Celeste, which was found deserted yet under full sail off the coast of Gibraltar on December 4th, 1872. And the captain was Benjamin Spooner Briggs, as seen here from that 'Doctor Who' episode which now serves as the official solution to the mystery of the Mary Celeste... at least in Toobworld.
Toby O'B

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