Monday, September 8, 2008


I'm working on a piece regarding Lt. Columbo in Toobworld, and mention of the character in other TV shows and I've stumbled on a thorny problem......

When is it okay to freely talk about big revelations in TV shows? Or is it never okay to do so?

Looking at it from a movie stand-point, I think it should be punishable somehow if the secret of 'Citizen Kane' is revealed to somebody who's never seen the movie.

But if I did that for 'Lost', 'The Prisoner', even 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show', it would leave me hobbled with my hands tied.

The problem is going to rise up again soon with the new version of 'Life On Mars', about to air on ABC. Those of us who've seen the original can't even speculate about how long the show may run without risk of letting something slip out. (BTW - the original version is one of my ten favorite shows, and it all has to do with Gene Hunt as well as the final episode. Now see? By stating that, have I given anything up?)

Anyhoo, I think I'll be able to work around it for the 'Columbo' piece, we'll see......
Toby O'B

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