Thursday, September 11, 2008


I don't consider the 'Doctor Who' audio plays to be canon for Toobworld; I feel there needs to be the visual element, which the potential movie starring David Tennant and online productions supply and which would make them canon-worthy. (The movies starring Peter Cushing don't count - too many deviations from the established history of the character. Those movies, however, could be used to splain away references to 'Doctor Who' as a fictional character within Toobworld reality.)

However, there are those out there who soak up the audio plays, the books, and the comics as all being part of some complete 'Doctor Who' universe. Let them sort it out when it comes to the contradictions - like the 'Human Nature' novel about the Seventh Doctor and the TV adaptation about the Tenth.

If you're one of those so inclined, my blogging buddy Rob of "The Medium Is Not Enough" has a very good review of a new audio play produced by Big Finish starring Peter Davison as the Fifth Doctor and Sarah Sutton as former Companion Nyssa. (By saying it's a very good review, I'm not implying the production is very good, by the way.)

It's not so much an alteration of what fans previously believed about the history of 'Doctor Who' as it is a variation on the resolution of a particular plotline. I should warn you that by reading Rob's review, you will be spoiled to this revelation... although I think the title alone would have made any decent 'Who' fan easily figure out the secret.

If you are curious about this "adjustment" to the Multiverse of 'Doctor Who', then check out
Rob's review here. But be forewarned - that link brings you to the full review and there be spoilers ahead!

By the way, you really should be doing yourself a favor by reading Rob's blog on a regular basis. Toobworld is more than American TV productions; and even though he does cover a lot of that, his focus is probably on British shows. Many of these we may never see over here, and Rob often provides us video links to check out samples of these shows. I have to say, without Rob's site, I might never have been prepared to check out 'Gavin & Stacey' and 'Primeval' on BBC-A.

Toby O'B

That banner has nothing to do with the production. I just couldn't resist it once I saw it. And credit goes to the blog
"The Boy That Time Forgot". Wayne Spitzer hasn't updated it recently, but if you go there, you'll see a great pic of a 'Trek' fan dressed as an Andorian babe! Homina Thrice!


MediumRob said...

Aw thanks. I'm not sure the review's 'great', more mildly amusing; but all hail Gavin & Stacey, for it is great, and I'm very sorry I made you watch Primeval. Can you forgive me?

Toby said...

Ha! Okay, maybe I'm a tele-gourmand, but I'm actually enjoying 'Primeval'. It's fast-moving, not heavy with deep, soul-searching ponderous drama (like 'Charlie Jade' proved to be)and has engaging characters. Andrew Lee Potts is a lot of fun and Hannah Spearitts is easy on the eyes.

And of course I'm looking at it through Toobworld specs. The idea of the anomalies can help me out a lot!