Wednesday, September 10, 2008


"You owe money to a guy nicknamed 'Big Eddie'?"
"No, I owe money to a guy NAMED 'Big Eddie'.
He had it legally changed."

In 1975, Sheldon Leonard starred in a sitcom called 'Big Eddie'. Here's a description of the show from the

"Big" Eddie Smith was the new owner of New York's Big E Sports Arena. Smith was also an ex-gambler who was trying not to get sucked back into the racket, while dealing with the various crazies and eccentrics that crossed his path. He lived with his ex-stripper wife Honey and their granddaughter Ginger.

"Ex-Gambler" was probably a euphemism when in "reality" Big Eddie was probably a mobster trying to go straight.

Even though Sheldon Leonard has been dead for years, that doesn't mean his character of Big Eddie Smith is not still alive in Toobworld. As old as he would be now, Big Eddie could still be a powerful threat to those who owed him money, like Peter Noble.

However, if Big Eddie was the same age as Sheldon Leonard, he'd be 101 years old by now. This could be possible, especially if he was descended from Big Smith of 'The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.' So long as Big Smith sired a son after his genetic structure had been altered by the Orb.

Just an idea, of course. It's not written in stone, or sealed in cement.... like those who may have crossed Big Eddie in the past.

Toby O'B

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