Friday, September 12, 2008


One of the arch-enemies for 'The Middleman' was known as "The Monocle".

It could be that The Monocle was the son of Fritz the Monocle, the villain of the two-hour pilot for 'Tales Of The Gold Monkey' back in 1983.

'Tales Of The Gold Monkey' took place in the years before World War II broke out. So even if Fritz the Monocle had survived the conclusion of the pilot episode, it's doubtful he would have been alive nearly seventy years later. Especially as he was pretty much in his sixties by that point anyway.

And I don't think he would have access to a cryogenic chamber there in the Indonesian jungles....

In fact, I'm thinking that the current Monocle would have to be at least a grandson, if not great-grandson, of Fritz the Monocle. Perhaps even a great grand nephew (if only to justify my subject heading).

And O'Bviously, evil is in the genes.....

Toby O'B

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