Wednesday, February 20, 2008


One last point about the new 'Knight Rider' and its place in Toobworld......
Yet again Stanford University plays a role in the lives of TV characters this season. Sarah Graiman was a teacher there, and had gone there earlier as a student herself. The new version of KITT was sent there to get her and it raced through the campus to elude their pursuit.

The other shows this year which featured or at least mentioned Stanford during the fall semester were:

'Boston Legal'

In the past, Stanford played a role in:

'Grey's Anatomy'
'One Tree Hill'
'One Man's Family'
'Party of Five'
'Too Close For Comfort'

And there may be more I'm not aware of yet!

Toby OB
UConn '77
(We get 'Cheers', maybe 'Judging Amy'....)

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Anonymous said...

there is also a connection between Knight Rider and the Seaquests. in an episode a poster for Knight Industries can be seen on a season 2 episode of Seaquest DSV, just one the many links on my list