Saturday, February 23, 2008


Maureen Ryan, the TV critic/columnist for the Chicago Tribune, is a closet Toobworldian.

Wait, that's not true. Maureen Ryan could very well be probably proud of her Toobworld leanings.

While visiting Alan Sepinwall's blog entry about "Eggtown", this week's episode of 'Lost', Mo Ryan wrote:

Lost Easter Eggs says Sawyer's book, The Invention of Morel, is about a man who is "creating a machine to reproduce reality." Then I found it interesting that there were two robots on the wall over Aaron's bed. These two tiny facts probably have nothing to do with anything, but they fit into my theory that the fifth Cylon is on the Lost island...
11:45 AM, February 22, 2008
In response, Devin McCullen posted:
I don't watch Galactica, but ever since Mira Furlan showed up my secret Lost theory is that it's all a gigantic experiment by the Vorlons.

11:42 PM, February 22, 2008

And Ms. Ryan added:
Devin McCullen, you are my hero. I was going to bring up Babylon 5 and Mira Furlan but was too chicken. I can definitely Go There, sci-fi TV-wise, but I wimped out. I must give it up for your timely and well-put Voorlon reference.

Can we start talking Deep Space 9 now? Talk about the Founders? Just kidding.

Why kid about it? Such a conversation would be perfectly at home here at Inner Toob!

After all, I'm just biding my time before I bring up my various connections between 'Lost' and 'Doctor Who'!!!!

Toby OB

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