Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Much was made earlier in the season of the number of "Chuck"s there were out there:

Charlotte "Chuck" Charles - 'Pushing Daisies'
Chuck Darling - 'Back To You'
Chuck Bass - 'Gossip Girl'
and of course,
Chuck Bartowski - 'Chuck'

And I watched 'Odyssey 5' back in December as part of my strike contingency. The main character is Chuck Taggart.

But I've noticed that there are a lot of "Sarah"s flitting about Toobworld lately.....

Sarah Walker - 'Chuck'
Sarah Whedon - 'Brothers & Sisters'
(who was Sarah Walker before she got married)
plus two variations
Sara Sidle - 'CSI'
Dr. Sara Tancredi - 'Prison Break'
and of course,
Sarah Connor - 'Terminator - The Sarah Connor Chronicles'

If 'Knight Rider' goes to series, we'll have yet another Sarah in Toobworld. Deanna Russo played Sarah Graiman, a Stanford instructor and the daughter of KITT's inventor.

Toby OB

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