Friday, February 22, 2008


This was from's TV blog, posted after last night's 'Lost' episode, "Eggtown":

But probably the best "wink" at the audience came in Kate's flash-forward, with her lawyer Duncan Forrester, played by Shawn Doyle. Did you recognize Mr. Doyle? In a 2000 Dennis Quaid-Jim Caviezel movie called "Frequency," which involved communication via short-wave radio across a 30-year time continuum, he played a character named... wait for it... Jack Shepard!

Actors are always cast on shows because of their previous connections to the project as an inside joke.


Lee Majors, star of 'The Six Million Dollar Man', appearing in an episode of 'Jake 2.0'

William Shatner on 'Third Rock From The Sun', and both his character and that of John Lithgow had similar experiences seeing men on their airplanes' wings. (Just as they did in 'The Twilight Zone', TV show and movie respectively.

Marlo Thomas, formerly 'That Girl', in an episode of 'Ugly Betty', in which she went to see 'Wicked' on Broadway - during which Elphaba sings "I'm Not That Girl".

Toby OB


I'm going to make the claim that Duncan Forrester is related in some way to the Forrester family of the Los Angeles fashion industry......

And that's Post #2500!!!

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