Thursday, November 2, 2006


As our year-long salute to 'Law & Order' winds down, we come to the month when usually the TV Crossover Hall of Fame salutes politicians and newsmakers who qualify for induction.

So we have the perfect candidate in the current District Attorney for New York City, Arthur Branch (as played by former Senator, Fred Dalton Thompson). So far, he's made about 118 appearances in Toobworld, mostly in the flagship of the line, 'Law & Order'. But he's also made the journey to the other shows in the franchise, including the "Pilot" of 'Conviction' which was the first 'L&O' show not to carry the 'Law & Order' prefix in its title.

There have been two episodes of 'Law & Order: Criminal Intent', and eleven episodes of 'Law & Order: Special Victims Unit', and six more for 'Law & Order: Trial By Jury'. By my reckoning, that was a pretty good series and I was sorry to see NBC let it go.

I'm just sorry DA Adam Schiff retired before he had the chance to appear in all of these spin-offs, but there weren't that many opportunities back then. (It's amazing to talk about 'Law & Order' as if it's been around since the horse & buggy days!)

So there's just one more month to go in this salute and by a rather glaring omission so far in the list, it should be pretty o'bvious who's left. And you'll probably be able to guess why I saved that candidate for last.

It's a groanable offense, officer.

Since we've long since passed the half-way mark for the year, we're running the complete list of the 2006 inductees so far......

January - Lennie Brisco
February - Anita Van Buren
March - Donald Cragen
April - Mike Logan
May - Jamie Ross
June - Dr. Elizabeth Olivet
B'day Honors - Faith Yokas
July - Rey Curtis
August - Ed Green
September - Dick Wolf
October - Dr. Emil Szoda
November - Arthur Branch


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