Friday, November 3, 2006


For a couple of weeks now, we've seen the comic book "9th Wonders" on 'Heroes', especially the issue which featured Hiro Nakamura and which gave him the clues to track down others with super powers.

This past Monday night, we got to see some other Toobworld comic books on that show, as Micah showed off his collection to his dad, DL.

Among the titles:

"Tales From Space"
"Cosmic Man"
"DJ Doom"

(Interestingly, there's an actual guy named DJ Doom in the Trueniverse. Check out Google - it sounds like he's a record producer or something.)

These comic books could be published by ACE Comics, which is based in Chicago. Among their other titles are:

"The Silencer"
"Kay Carter, Army Nurse"
"Mad Dog"
"Tales From Beneath The Tomb"

(All from 'Bob!')

Another comic book from Toobworld would be "Captain Astro", a favorite of Michael's in 'Queer As Folk' (USA). As a matter of fact, if Hiro ever stops in Pittsburgh, he can check out Michael's comic book store!


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