Tuesday, October 31, 2006


There's a new version of the legend of Robin Hood currently airing in England. The original TV production with Richard Greene as the fabled archer is the official version for Earth Prime-Time. The version which starred David Dixon as Prince John is my choice for the 'West Wing' dimension. (It had that Machiavellian, backroom politics feel to it.)

The more mystical adaptation which Showtime aired in the 1980s, with both Michael Praed and Jason Connery as different Robins, is the standard bearer for Earth Prime-Time/Delay.

And in the late 1990s, there was still another attempt on his life, so to speak, with 'The New Adventures Of Robin Hood'. In two years, both Robin and Maid Marian were recast, but even the addition of Christopher Lee as a sorceror couldn't save a show where the dialogue contained such lines as "Let's go kick their butts!"

I wouldn't wish that series on even the worst alternate dimension imaginable! Like the Earth Prime-Time/QVC......

'When Things Were Rotten' shares dimensional space with 'That's My Bush!' and 'The Secret Files Of Desmond Pfeiffer'.... not sure yet what to call that dimension, but "Earth Prime-Time/Dolt" works for now.

(There's also the George Segal TV movie which I'm fairly certain could have been a pilot for a new series. That could have worked in that dimension as well.)

But had that Mel Brooks production not existed, I might have been willing to dump this new version of Robin Hood over in that dimension.

Why? Check out what Rob Buckley had to say about the show today.....

"'Robin Hood', depending on whom you talk to, either got really good (a regular got killed) or really bad (Robin fires pies over Nottingham Castle's walls) during the fourth episode. "

Yea verily, m'Lord. Nyucketh, nyucketh, nyucketh!


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