Thursday, November 2, 2006


Nicole Trager is the Seattle psychologist who took in 'Kyle XY' in order to help him regain his memories. The show has been picked up for another season, so we might be learning more about her and the rest of the Trager family - as in other family members like grandparents and the like who could meet Kyle.

Do you think Nicole might have a sister?

Because I've been seeing a blipvert for Detrol LA featuring a woman in an elevator who suffers from a problem with her bladder control and she looks a lot like Marguerite MacIntyre to be her sister. (But not enough that I might think it was actually her. And the doesn't have this ad listed under her "Other Works".)

It'll probably be best if we never learn one way or the other whether or not Nicole has any siblings. That way we don't have to exclude the possibility that these two women are related.

And it probably won't ever come up anyway. After all, who wants to be reminded that they have a sister who's walking around wearing nothing but a sandwich board proclaiming "I HAVE A BLADDER CONTROL PROBLEM"?


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