Wednesday, November 1, 2006


I can't believe I forgot to mention this.......

As many of you might know (I hope), Toobworld stands apart from other versions of a TV Universe in that we consider celebrities appearing as themselves in a fictional setting to be just as much a character as the others in those shows. So when Sammy Davis, Jr. appears in an episode of 'All In The Family' as well as in 'Charlie's Angels' and 'I Dream Of Jeannie', and doing fictional things he never would have done in real life, then he's serving in the role of a crossover character.

We call these people the League of Themselves.

So recently, Joan Rivers showed up in Boston to "cover" a trial in which a young law clerk was accused of killing the judge he served (who was also his lover). Her appearance was short and sweet but it served its purpose - it linked 'Boston Legal' to the Miami-based 'nip/tuck'.

Ms. Rivers showed up in two episodes of that show, one which bore her name as the episode title. (All episodes are named after a particular client of the plastic surgeons.) And in that instance, it was quite an affecting scene where she realizes that if she really did have all of her past surgeries undone, she'd look like a monster to her little grandson.

So Joan Rivers is the link between those two dramatic series. But she's got a few more sitcoms in which she played herself:

'I'm With Her'
'Curb Your Enthusiasm'

And as I said, she acted out a fictional version of her life in doing so. That's why I don't even bother delving into the talk shows, award shows, comedy specials, home shopping shows and what have you.

One that's a near miss is an episode of 'Here's Lucy' in which she served on a jury with Lucy. Her character was named Joan, but I don't think she was playing herself. It was like the situation with Lucille Carter. And Lucille Carmichael. And Lucy Ricardo. And Bob Hartley. Mary Richards. Tim Taylor. Jerry - well, you get the picture.....

Anyway, congrats to Ms. Rivers for being the one person who could bring those two dramas - which air opposite each other! - together.

And she was able to do it before Melissa pulled the plug......


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