Monday, October 30, 2006


Bob Sassone of has published his latest list of "The Five"; the topic of which is always centered around TV, of course.

This time out, the category is "Five New Characters That Bother Me".

At the end he writes, "I'm sure you can come up with other examples."

Which of course I saw as a meme challenge.

So here's the list I offered up:

"Okay, my five most annoying new characters of the TV season:

1) Harriet Hayes, "Studio 60": I've decided that it isn't the fault of the actress; she's doing the best she can with the material. But when character after character praise you to the heavens for how talented you are as a comic actress and a singer, you better deliver the goods. So the blame here rests with Sorkin.

2) Ianto, "Torchwood": This guy has the Willie Armitage type of role that Peter Lupus played on "Mission: Impossible" - the goto guy for the transportation and supplies for each missioin. But the actor who plays him is so colorless, I wonder if this is symptomatic of all the Welsh. In recent years, it's the type of role that would have been played by hip computer expert guys like Auger in "Earth: Final Conflict" or the guy they have now on shows like "Vanished" or the CSI's. The role needs somebody who's of a different race/nationality perhaps, or at least someone who's interesting.

3) Isaac, "Heroes" - Too mopey, needs a bath, and would it kill him to turn on a light in his studio?

4) Kitty, "Brothers & Sisters" - It's all due to the actress. I was tired of Calista Flockhart before "Ally McBeal" finally ground to a halt. And even trying to look beyond that, the character is an automatic turn-off as well. There have been characters in the past I've disagreed with politically or morally on other shows whom I've found interesting. Not Kitty.

5) The bartender/other woman on "Jericho". Not really the type of role I can see being around for the long haul, and the actress doesn't bring anything to the part to overcome that. How long before the radioactive mutants from Wichita take her out?

Limiting it to just five spares a couple of folks up in Elmo, Alaska....."

Now let's hear from you! I'd love to have you post them here in the comments, or send along the link to your own blog if you post them there......


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MediumRob said...

"Ianto, "Torchwood"… But the actor who plays him is so colorless, I wonder if this is symptomatic of all the Welsh."

It's not, believe me! Think Tom Jones, Ioan Gruffudd, Philip Madoc... I hesitate to mention Catherine Zeta Jones, but she's all right.