Monday, October 30, 2006


TVSquad reported this news about a show I've been anticipating for the mid-season:

"The news is not so good for the ABC midseason replacement 'Traveler', about a friend who frames two best friends for a bombing (the preview looks great). ABC has chopped that order from 13 episodes to 8 episodes, so they can wrap up the storyline.

Hmmm...maybe this is the first proof that the networks are beginning to understand viewer frustration at getting into serialized dramas and then leaving viewers hanging by cancelling the shows after only a few episodes."

I'm pretty sure I voiced my support of this idea, S.O.P. over in Britain, here in "Inner Toob". If so, I'll soon find out if that was just an empty declaration on my part. I do want to see 'Traveler'; I'm really jazzed on the idea; and if it does turn out to be really exciting, I'd want to see it continue.

On the other side of the coin, I think the theory works that if forced to tell the story in a condensed time-frame, they could have a more powerful story on their hands. I've always said 'The Sopranos' would have been the greatest thing ever if Tony actually killed Livia in that first season and thus endeth the series. Instead it's piddling itself into oblivion.

We shall see.


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