Monday, September 25, 2006


For those of you in a quandary as to what to tape/watch tonight at 9 pm - are you following the conspiracy clues in 'Vanished'? Are you a 'Two and a Half Men' fan? Can't wait to see who buys it next on 'Prison Break'? - your problem adds a new show tonight to the mix - 'Heroes' on NBC.

Except for Maureen Ryan's pan in her blog for the Chicago Tribune (link to the left), I've seen nothing but high praise for this show. 'Heroes' has been listed along with 'Studio 60' and 'The Nine' as the show most eagerly awaited this new season.

But if it is a problem for you, as it is with me, then my suggestion is to skip 'Heroes'.

[That should give agita to the powers behind the Peacock Throne!]

NBC is making sure the show reaches as many people as possible because of such scheduling conflicts for viewers. 'Heroes' will repeat on Friday nights at 7 pm EST on the 'Sci-Fi' network.

My problem is that I'm in a combination of sleep/shower/leave for work during that hour. There's no way I can tape one show and watch another; it's taping only. I know I'll have a chance with 'Two and a Half Men' for years to come - it's a guaranteed hit in syndication to my mind. And I gave up on 'Prison Break' after that big hiatus last season, because it was just too grim and unbelievable.

But I am enjoying 'Vanished', finding myself still watching it even though my friend Shirley has come and gone in her appearance on the show. (She played a Post Office clerk caught in a staged robbery attempt.) I've been hearing rumors of what's to come in the 10th episode of the show and I'm keen to see how it plays out.

So I for one am happy for this chance to get a second shot to watch 'Heroes'. This type of repeats (combined with the Saturday night lineups from all the networks) is going to be a big boon for me as the new TV season shakes out.



Heroes Lover said...

Heroes on NBC is going to be the break out hit of the season. It is going to be NBC's answer to Lost! Can't wait for tonight!

Toby said...

After you've seen it, HL, write back and let me know what you thought, okay?

Thanks for checking out Inner Toob!