Friday, September 29, 2006


In what could be the last new episode of 'Justice' to be aired, the law firm of TNT&G went after the Pagonon Corporation this week with a wrongful death suit. Their client's mother had been killed on a roller coaster at one of their amusement parks. (I believe that the name of the park was Roller Planet.)

It was pointed out that Pagonon owned theme parks all over the country and that's just the sort of trivial info that brings a smile to my face.

Unofficially, we can claim that whenever we see a fictional amusement park in a TV show, we can claim that its parent company is the Pagonon Corporation (unless otherwise stated).

And that would fill in the blanks, connecting those shows back to 'Justice'.

Here's one possibility: the amusement park in that KISS tv movie with Anthony Zerbe.

One theme park that has to be taken out of consideration would be the one seen in 'Entourage' this past summer, the one with the "Aquaman" roller coaster. That apparently belongs to the Time-Warner Corporation who produced Vince Chase's "Aquaman" movie.

But this is for certain - forget about theme parks on ABC shows being part of the Pagonon empire. They'll always be using either Disney World or Disneyland!

Gee..... I wonder why?


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