Thursday, September 28, 2006


No..... that would have been my birthday wish......

I want you all (what little readership I have) to watch 'Shark' tonight. My friend Shirley Jordan will be appearing as Judge Vivian Bell, one of Sebastian Stark's poker buddies, in a scene that also features Robert Shapiro as himself. (I believe Wolfgang Puck is also in tonight's episode.)

It's also Shirley's birthday this week, and a momentous one at that. So I'm hoping there'll be a big upswing in the ratings over the premiere episode, because then I can spin it that it was my plug here that caused that.

Don't let me down!


By the way, for the past quarter century, Shirley's been my twin. And by twin, I mean my exact opposite. So when you see her, picture the exact opposite of everything about her and you'll have a fair idea of what I look like.

Or just watch 'Family Guy'.......

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