Friday, September 29, 2006


I added several more links today, and brought back one I didn't even realize was missing!

Tim Goodman's Bastard Machine was on hiatus for awhile; I guess as he powered up for the new TV season. Somehow I must have deleted it when I was adding some new links in recently, and since I wasn't checking him for awhile (We were on a break!), I must not have noticed the error.

Anyway, he's back now and always worth the read.

Joining him is Ed Bark's Bytes, a blog from one of the deans of TV commentary and criticism (and a living cautionary tale when it comes to the state of the newspaper biz today).

TV Rage - which gives a quick and easy guide to what's on the major networks each night among other features
When Life Was In Black & White - a nostalgic trip down memory lane
Radar Online - a news source
And I slipped in a ringer; another blog from a visitor to this site. It's not TV oriented, but I enjoy visiting it and she inspired me to drag out my Toobworld novel and have another go at it.....
Blue Ridge Writer

I hope you enjoy them!

As always, links to the left! Links to the left!


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