Friday, September 29, 2006


Among those who burnished their League of Themselves standings this week were Wolfgang Puck and Robert Shapiro on 'Shark'.

The celebrity chef has plenty of appearances in sitcoms and dramas and is guaranteed a slot someday in the TV Crossover Hall of Fame. Shapiro has been portrayed on TV in the past: Ron Silver played the "Dream Team" member in "American Tragedy".

Since Shapiro played himself in 'Shark' (as "Dream Team"-mate Johnny Cochran did in several sitcoms), the real thing trumps even an "incredible simulation".

Besides, we know the OJ trial actually took place in the main Toobworld without need for the TV movie to confirm it. Many TV shows have made references to the case.

For instance, Hank Kingsley of 'The Larry Sanders Show' called the whole case a tragedy... because it drove down the price of Brentwood real estate.

Also appearing this week as herself was Susan Hirasuna, weekend anchor and general assignment reporter for Fox11 10 O'clock News. (She joined KTTV Fox 11 in December 1995.)

But on 'Justice', she was seen as working for a cable financial channel, so that is a good example of how the life of the real person can vary between that in Toobworld and that in the Trueniverse.

And Jerome Bettis, the Bus his own self, showed up at a paper products convention on 'The Office' to sign autographs. (This times in nicely with the release of his book by Triumph Books.) Dwight Schrute asked Michael Scott why Bettis was nicknamed "The Bus" and Michael replied, "Because he doesn't like to fly."


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