Friday, September 29, 2006


With the second episode of 'Studio 60', several celebrities have been confirmed as having their televersions existing in the TV Universe, and all without having to make an actual appearance.

The White Stripes were supposed to perform on the show, but had to cancel out due to Jack White getting sick.

That's convenient; certainly saved the cost of actually getting them on the show and then paying the royalties on whatever song they performed.

Danny Tripp threw out a lot of names for replacements, which for the most part showed that he was behind the times when it came to who was hip

For example, the Stone Temple Pilots. When Danny was told that STP had broken up four years before, he told his assistant to get them back together.

In the end, they hired the televersions of John Mauceri, conductor of the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra (although he was leading the fictional West Coast Philharmonic. Along with the chorus that was hired to do the "Modern Major General" parody, they probably cost half what the White Stripes would have.

And it's not likely Gilbert & Sullivan are going to be looking for their royalty check for the use of their song.

Harriet Hayes offered up the names of several women with whom Matt Albie was supposed to be dating. (The information... information... information was provided by Page Six, so the New York Post exists in Toobworld as well.) Among those women were Fiona Apple, Mena Suvari, and Rachel MacAdams.

By the way, Ken Levine mused in his blog (link to the left!) that perhaps the attitude displayed towards the writing staff of the fictional version of 'Studio 60' represented Aaron Sorkin's actual view towards other writers as well. So I'm wondering if this list of actresses who supposedly dated Sorkin's stand-in on the show are from Sorkin's personal wish-list?

Matt denied all of them, so that saves us from the threat of TV characters having sex with "real" people.

It's happened before - Larry Sanders had sex with Ellen DeGeneres and Roseanne ('The Larry Sanders Show'); and Vincent Chase slept with Ali Larter, Jaime Pressley, Sarah Foster, and Mandy Moore. Probably with Scarlett Johanssen as well.

And it is a threat. One is fictional; the other is "real"......

Think of the children. They'd be mutants!


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