Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Hi Gang! Hiya hiya hiya!

Your TV Universe Caretaker is back from a trip to the West Coast. So if people have been checking in, I apologize the blog hasn't been updated in a few days.

I'll be letting you in on the TV oriented activities from the trip over the next few days.


For the Crossover of the Week, it's a no-brainer: I've chosen the two-part storyline presented on the CBS procedurals 'CSI: Miami' and 'CSI: NY'.

Okay! That was easy. Let's all go out for pudding!

What? You want more? Feh. Okay.....

Henry Darius was a convicted serial killer in New York state. (If there be power in names, then he must have been foredoomed to be a serial killer. Despite the lofty meanings for both names, "Henry Darius" just sounds liek an excuse to be pummelled mercilessly in the schoolyard.)

But Darius had a secret that proved to be his ticket to freedom. Claiming that he also killed somebody down in Miami, the authorities flew him down Florida way so that he could lead them to the body. Darius sabotaged the plane and escaped when it crashed, so that he could continue his killing spree.

So the crossover was set into motion as Mac Taylor from the NY CSI of 'CSI: NY' reunited with Horation Caine of the Miami CSI on 'CSI: Miami', since Mac worked on the original case and knew the mind of Henry Darius.

When Darius took a hostage and returned to New York City, it was Horatio's turn to tag along. But this time it was due more to a promise he made to a young boy whose life had been upended by the Miami murders.

That's the meat of the crossover.

By the way, Horatio Caine will be the first character in the 'CSI' franchise to qualify for induction into the TV Crossover Hall of Fame, having appeared on the original 'CSI', ''CSI: NY', and of course, starring in 'CSI: Miami'.

And he didn't have to expose his freckled butt to do it.

As for Mac Taylor, he'll never make it into any mathematical honor society. At the end of the second part, he makes the observation that Darius killed twelve people over 72 hours. But if you kept a running tally, you'll see that the number was fifteen.

So. Now that I've provided the meat of the crossover, now can I have my pudding?


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